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Settlements and soil/water pressure

Construction of embankments in roads, dams and reservoirs change the force balance within the soil and may cause settlements and failure of retaining walls or other structures. The monitoring and control of the settlements' rate and the development of soil or void pressure enable the verification of the design assumptions and - if necessary - update the instruction during the construction. Any sudden rise of the confined water pressure inside the voids, due to earthquakes, decreases the shear strength of the soil; therefore it is essential to monitor in high sensitive seismic zones.

Featured Products Use and Purpose Catalog Nomber/ Image Nomber
VW Piezometer Measures pore or water pressure as a result of soil settlement פיאזומטר VW
Settlement Measuring system

Measures settlements in filling materials, embankments etc.
The system acts upon the connected vessels principle.

 EGS-30Vמערכת למדידת שקיעות
Pressure cell Measures total earth pressure of embankments, reservoirs and dams. EPS-30V-S
Magnetic Extensometer Measures swelling and settlements of foundations, piles and filling materials. EDS-91


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