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The presence of water, gas or any other fluid existing in the underground may dramatically affect the geotechnical behavior of the soil. Monitoring the ground water level and water pressure, followed by In-Situ tests to characterize the hydraulic parameters of the rock/soil are an obligatory requirement in any design that is based on values of discharge, settlements and drainage.

Featured Products Use and Purpose Catalog Nomber/ Image Nomber
Water level indicator Measures ground water table in boreholes. מד מפלס
Seepage Measurement Sensor Monitoring the variations in water level in reservoirs & tanks. מעקב אחר מפלס משתנה
VW piezometer

Monitoring the Pore pressure.
Installed in boreholes, piles and embankments.

May serve as buoyancy indication in reservoirs
פיאזומטר VW
Automatic Water Level Monitoring System Water level monitoring in boreholes using pressure sensor connected in hole to automatic data logging with quick remote access to data. EWLR-101
Sub-immersion Pump

Execution and analysis of pump tests for the characterization of the soil permeability.

Technical specifications are needed
משאבה טבולה
Single/Double Packer

Analysis of Lugeon values for the characterization of the permeability of the rock mass.

Installation in boreholes during the site investigation phase of underground hydraulic projects.
פקר יחיד/כפול


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